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About Us

AMTUN Power System, a leading Power and Energy solutions provider, was established in 2010.   AMTUN is committed to establishing Intelligent and Comprehensive Energy Management Systems and Uinterruptible Power Solutions with cutting edge technologies in power electronics. AMTUN supports in Power Solutions for all fields of business and upgradation of Energy Management & Power Systems for various sectors: Government, Finance, Industries, Telecom, Defence, Transportation, Medical etc. Also have latest technology products in LED Lights, Solar sectors and Data center sectors. With its superior R&D capabilities and excellent services, AMTUN is widely recognized by clientele in various countries.


R&D: With its state-of-the-art facilities, AMTUN ensures product quality by undertaking rigorous tests like EMC Test, Salt-spray Test, Vibration Test, High & Low Temperature Test, Anti-dust Test, Battery Cycling Lifetime Test etc.

DILIGENT QUALITY CONTROL: We maintain strict quality control throughout the production and supply chain to guarantee the reliability of AMTUN products and services.  Regular Quality Tracking & Analysis are adopted to ensure consistency throughout the life cycle.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE: AMTUN’s assured service system is of proven efficiency. Professional dedicated engineers maintain highest standards of rendering on-site service with minimum response time. With constant customer-orientation, AMTUN service team enhances service quality and optimizes user experience.

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Our Vision

To become a global Superbrand providing integrated, reliable and innovative solutions for Reliable Power, Energy Conservation, LED Lights, Solar sector and Data center sector.

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Our Mision

To improve the quality of life and environment by deploying cutting edge Power Management, Solar & LED Light Technologies

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Global Presence

In a very short span of time, AMTUN products and services have impressed customers world-wide.