Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    Modular Online UPS

AUM833A - Modular UPS 15 -150kva

The AUM833A series UPS offers a hot-swappable modular structure. As a scalable UPS, it can easily be upgraded or expanded as power increased. The series' N+X module and built-in system redundancy maintain a steady, reliable source of energy. The hot-swappable feature ensures that the mean time for repair (MTTR) is close to zero, which helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).



The AUM833A series is compatible to all kinds of loads and widely used in data centers, the fields of energy sources, Hospitals, medical equipment, transportation, office, engine-room, and so on.

Ø  Online Double Conversion topology

Ø  Scalable, hot-swappable redundant modular design

Ø  Transformer-less design for reduced footprint

Ø  Wide input voltage and frequency tolerance

Ø  Automatic battery self-test

Ø  IGBT switching technology

Ø  LCD display and audible alarms

Ø  High system efficiency

Ø  Parallel for capacity or redundancy from 15KVA up to 150KVA

Ø  Modularity design and front access for ease of service

Ø  Built-in manual bypass switch

Ø  Full connectivity option - RS232, RS485, smart slot