Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    Tower Online UPS

AUT9339-Tower UPS 10-80kva

The AUT9339 series online double conversion UPS System adopts advanced DSP control and N+X redundancy design to enhance the reliability. With high power factor (PF) and ECO mode operation for energy saving, AUT9339 series is the cost-effective choice in the industry.



The AUT9339 series has been widely used for server rooms, personal computers, data warehouses, medical clinics, industrial application and office facilities.

Ø  True double-conversion

Ø  Real-time digital signal processor (DSP) control

Ø  N+X parallel redundancy

Ø  Selectable quantity of battery for each group:for long run unit

Ø  Adjustable charging current via LCD

Ø  3-stage charging design optimizes battery performance

Ø  ECO mode operation for energy saving

Ø  Self-diagnosis at startup

Ø  Emergency power off function(EPO)

Ø  Maintenance bypass is convenient for maintenance

Ø  Generator compatible

Ø  Communications:RS-232,USB,SNMP card(Optional), Relay card (Optional)

Ø  Cold start