Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    Outdoor UPS

AUO811E - Outdoor UPS 1 -10kva

The AUO811E Series Outdoor Integrated High Frequency Online UPS provides continuous pure sine wave AC power supply for outside Communication equipment / Network equipment / Traffic signals.

Using microprocessor control, directly produce high frequency pulse width modulation wave (SPWM) control of the UPS inverter, to simplify the UPS control circuit, to improve the stability, to have more real-time UPS to quickly respond to changes in the external environment and guarantee the machine's control circuit is more simple and reliable.



This UPS is commonly used in the corner of a city, remote roads, mountains, bad environment such as high temperature (+50) / low temperature (-40), severe dust, moisture, rain, mist erosion, very poor power quality in the area.

Ø  Double-conversion online design

Ø  Digital microprocessor control

Ø  High temperature resistant

Ø  Anti-cold, sealing level for IP55/IP65

Ø  Wide range of input voltage and frequency window (- 45% +35% rated voltage and ± 10% rated frequency)

Ø  High reliability

Ø  Compatible for Lead Acid and Lithium Battery pack