Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)    Tower Online UPS

AUT9119-Tower UPS 10-20kva

The AUT9119 series UPS is a one-phase in and one-phase out high frequency tower-mounted UPS with an output power factor up to 0.9 and a strong load capacity. It adopts leading DSP online double conversion technology to provide high-level power protection. It supports flexible battery quantity configuration, flexible redundancy design and compatible to the generator to fit diverse environment.



The AUT9119 series UPS has been widely used in small and medium IDC machine room, control center, industry process control fields and so on.

Ø  True double-conversion

Ø  DSP technology guarantees high reliability

Ø  N+X parallel redundancy

Ø  Selectable quantity of battery for each group:16/18/20 pieces

Ø  Adjustable charging current via LCD

Ø  3-stage charging design optimizes battery performance

Ø  ECO mode operation for energy saving

Ø  Self-diagnosis at startup

Ø  Emergency power off function(EPO)

Ø  Maintenance bypass is convenient for maintenance

Ø  Generator compatible

Ø  Communications:RS-232,USB,Parallel card(Optional),SNMP card(Optional), Relay card (Optional)

Ø  Cold start