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APTOD- Tubular Octagonal Solar Pole Light 40 - 100W

APTOD Series Tubular Octagonal Solar Pole Light is advanced combination with latest technology. It adopts the Octagonal solar modules as a revolutionary design. Solar Octagonal Tube based on modular conception which is can be easily mounted to any kind of pole within diameter 155mm, It adopts mono- crystalline solar panel with high efficiency up to 22.5% and more than 25 years lifetime. It has a very and aesthetically appearance has a much better wind resistance than regular solar panel. The solar controller is fix bottom inside the pole for easy access. The custom made lithium battery is fix inside concrete base with battery box for easy access and thermal protection. The power of lights covers from 20W to 120W which can be installed on poles from 3M to 14M.



APTOD Series solar pole light is a premium and advanced product. It is designed specially for these projects concerning a lot on aesthetically appearance as well as high luminous, durable quality system and longtime lifetime.


Parks, Square, and Parks roads

Gardens, and Garden roads

Airport, and Airport road

Diplomatic complex

School, Hospital, Residential areas

Courtyard, and Car parking area

Outdoor stadiums, and factories


Ø  High efficiency LED technology

Ø  Omni directional 360° sunlight collection

Ø  Solar powered green and eco friendly

Ø  High efficient long life Lithium battery

Ø  MPPT technology, charge conversion efficiency of up to 96%

Ø  No need of cleaning. No sand, snow, dust and dirt.

Ø  A-grade mono solar panels. High efficiency silicon solar cells

Ø  Outstanding look, Excellent workmanship

Ø  Excellent optical design

Ø  No electricity consumption

Ø  Simple installation, plug and play

Ø  No carbon emission

Ø  Fashionable super slim design.

Ø  Low wind resistance

Ø  No need of cabling and trenching